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Red Plain Shaggy Carpet

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  • Imported from Turkey. 
  • This easy to design beautiful shaggy carpet is available in a variety of sizes(See our size guide) to suit and update any room or furniture in your house.
  • Embellish your floors with the advantage of this shaggy carpets lovely-colored solid-design that harmoniously blend with most floors and furniture.
  • Lavishly textured soft and plush pile gently caresses your bare feet. Create a comfy landing spot next to your bed or by your sofa seat with this beautiful Turkish carpet.
  • Warm up your reading corner with this attractive contemporary carpets that warms a cool night like a snuggling furry friend.
  • Machine-made in Turkey with the highest quality polypropylene in the pile and with durable rough back surface which gives its anti slip feature.

Basic Sizing Steps

  1. Decide on placement. Do you want it up against a wall or in the middle of the room?
  2. Measure the area that you want the carpet to cover.
  3. Once you have measured it, it is simply a matter of matching your measurement with the right size of rug.
  4. Check out our detailed size and layout guide below for more info.